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Noel Boehm, Manager
Boothywyn Apothecary

It is my pleasure to recommend Betty Dorsey of AGD Manna Professional for your cleaning needs.  As pharmacy manager for Boothwyn Apothecary, I have come to know the cleanliness and attention to detail that Betty's company provides.  She has been cleaning the pharmacy for a number of years, and I can count on her to leave the pharmacy clean and smelling great when she leaves.  

Betty is dependable and punctual, and I am confident that she can complete whatever job is placed before her.

Betsy Barnes, Director
Upper Chichester Library

The Library has been using AGD Manna since October 2020. Owner, Betty Dorsey, literally, wrote the book on how to clean! Betty published her book on how to clean in 2020 and she was invited to have a Library Zoom book discussion about her book.  The library was so impressed with the book I decided to hire her to clean the library.

Since last October AGD Manna has cleaned the library once a week and they have done an outstanding job.  We have one staff person who is super sensitive to added scents in cleaning agents so Betty has been conscious of using scent-free products.  Betty and her staff have done an excellent job of keeping the library looking fresh and clean every Tuesday morning.

Betty Dorsey, the owner is very friendly, dependable, and easy to work with. 

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